Tunaweza Women with Disabilities is a nonprofit Community Based organization based in Nyali constituency of Mombasa County, Kanya. It is our Mission to empower women with disabilities to become productive members of society by overcoming physical limitations.

  • To empower women with disabilities to become self-reliant, socially and economically, and improve their living standards by providing a supportive workplace and income generating opportunites.
  • To advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and voice our issues. Raising the visability of women with disabilities in the county governance.
  • To train women with disabilities with life sustaining business skills.
  • To facilitate education for children of women with disabilities.
  • To provide a way for donors to support women with disabilities.
  • To advocate for special health issues (eg. HIV and Aids, polio etc.) fro women woth disabilities who require unique attention.

Economic Empowerment and Livelihood– We work together to make and sell products to support ourselves and our organization so we can reach out to other women.
Human Rights- We are involved in activism for women and people with disabilities. We advocate for their rights through peaceful demonstrations, conferences, media interviews and meetings with policy makers. We are also involved in advocating against gender based violence against women and act as a voice for women with disabilities on these issues.
Health Support– We support women with disabilities with HIV and Aids through counseling, testing, and condom distribution. We also have a program now called Health and Disabilities. We are advocating for better services for persons with disabilities in the health sector. Like disability friends hospitals, social services, ramps,
Leadership and Governance– We ensure women with disabilities presence in leadership roles. Lobby for public policies that account for women with disabilities.

Since our inception in 2000, we have meaningfully bridges the gap between women with diabilities, the community and policy makers. Our key accomplishments include

  • Out lobbying efforts in 2015 and 2016 with the national and county governments led to the appointment of two women with disabilities in the Mombasa County government, where there were previously none.
  • For persons with disabilities, we successfully got waved free medical assessments needed to get a government card to receive disability benefits
  • In 2009, we represented issues facing persons with disabilities during Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission Hearings.
  • We played an active role in the formation of the new 2010 constitution.
  • We facilitated collection of 500,000 signatures fir persons with disabilities inclusion in HIV and AIDS orograms.

We are recognized leaders on issues of persons with disabilities and are awarded by the following entities.

  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Housing and Development
  • Ministry of environment
  • Volunteer and Service Organisation
  • Human Rights Award of the Year by Muhuri (Lucy in 2009 & 2010)


Our Vision

Out goal is to empower women with disabilities to become self-reliant socially and economically. While we are already making far reaching impact through policy changes, we are striving to expand our business activities so we may employ more disabled women. It is our goal to own our own land so we can create a center to reach out to more women.

To support us to do this you can donate to the links below.

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