Our Story

Together we are strong

Tunaweza started in the year 2000 with ten women who wanted to empower themselves to become profitable members of the community by overcoming their physical limitaions. We started selling groceries from our homes to raise funds and in the year 2005 we had made enough profit and started a tailoring shop.

Our shop provided our members an income and a means for us to advocate for people with disability in the community. However, in the year 2007 our shop was broken into and everything was stolen. We had no choice but to start again. We approached the division office and they wrote a letter to safari.com who donated for us sewing machines and some materials. We also approached community development fund who donated us computers to build a cyber café. This support inspired us and allowed us to work hard to build our organization.

Our hard work paid off and in 2010 had grown to thirty women. However this was not the last test of our strength and resilience. In the year 2015 we were broken into again and everything was stolen. As we did not have a source of income it was difficult to continue and many of our members moved back to their home land. We remained 15 members up to now.

Despite this hard ship we continued to persevere. We embarked on new projects and have been donated a machine to process peanut butter by the ministry of agriculture and an over lock and sewing machine by other supporters. Now we are processing peanut butter which has been certified by the local government and internationally. We create many other products like jewelry and bags which we sell to support our self and reach out to other women using  local and recycled materials. Together we share ideas and support each other to move forward

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